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Last few days…

So today we had the last day of school. Well not last day of school but commencement. It was really early in the morning so a number of people didn’t go because they had left already. They had a lot of performances from the different school clubs and classes and my friends Gene and Donnie presented their movie. It’s an amazing video, for those of you who wants to see what Seoul was like check it out here.

After the thing, me and Kara went and bought our very last waffle from the school cafeteria. I have a video of it, but I’ll upload it later. After that, me and my friend Duy went shopping in Myeongdong, which was amazing!!! I bought so much stuff. Man I’m seriously going to miss shopping in Seoul. After shopping I went back home and just bummed around until my friend Seung ho came to get me for dinner. Here are some pictures.

My favorite Yonsei buddy, Crickson.

One of my first new friends I made when I first got to Seoul.

Brian and Donnie

Me and my Korean class partner, Kayu. Haha our Korean teacher thought we had a thing going on and would always make fun of us in class.

Kennie, he made the funniest video blog ever. I would link you, but I’m too lazi to pull up the link. If you really wanna see it comment and I’ll post it up.

My suitemate Anna and my friend from Holland John.

Gene, an amazing person

Andrew shiii! ❤

Me and Kris, didn’t hang out with him much but it was fun knowing him since we met each other through facebook before the program started.

Me and Cho, haha double ❤

Me and kutie Thomas. Reary?

Me and my favorite little brother ever. The only person who called me noona in Korea. =)

Anna and Eric

My North Korean classmates. Aww I miss them.

Me and su chin, my roommate for the fieldtrip.

And a fun mascot I ran into in Myeongdong. Haha only in Korea.

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Dinner dates with old friends

I’m lucky to have made some really good Korean friends who were studying back in New Orleans. While I was in Korea I made it a point to meet up with them. Seung Ho shii works near where I live, but korean work life is really busy and tiring. He was finally able to make some time to take me out for dinner tho. =)

My friend Seung Ho shii and I

The dinner we had, Japanese Korean fusion

After dinner he took me out to this kute cafe.

We ordered pak bing soo 팥빙수. Which is like this shaved ice with fruits and ice cream and bean pastes on top. Sooo good. They have all different kinds everywhere.

팥빙수 I got from burger king for 2 bucks.

팥빙수 Kyoon bae ordered at the Han River, my favorite by far!!

And finally, seung ho shii =)

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Haha backtracking is harder then I thought, but I’m going to keep trucking at this. Slowly, but surely. On the very last night at the S-house our Yonsei buddy Crickson came over and cooked Korean BBQ for us! I was out eating dinner with an old friend, but I hear it was really good! I came back after all the eating was done and we headed out to Dondaemun around 9pm. The nice thing about Dongdaemun is that it is open ALLL HOURS OF THE NIGHT. It’s fantastic.

Shopping in Dondaemun is pretty intense.

Kara and Thomas in front of AM PM. Haha kute! Do they look at brother and sister?

Me, Anna, and Eric in front of Doota

Charlotte, Thomas, and Kara in front of doota.

After shopping till about midnightish we all headed back to 1702 to relax with soju and friends on our last night in the suite. It was fun and bittersweet all at the same time. Most of the crew retired at about 3 or 4amish and I stayed up with Whitney, Marci, Anthony, and Seung Gok till morning. I find that 4am till the morning hours are the best times to get to know someone’s deepest and darkest secrets.

And the partying starts

Kenny and Seung Gok

Anna and Thomas

Marci and Kennie

Haha Crickson retired first and this is what happens.

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찜질방 aka korean sauna

So my last night in Korea was interesting. After spending the day at the aquarium I ahd to figure out what I was going to do for the night. Our check out date was the 8th and my flight didn’t leave until the 9th. Most of my friends had left that day but luckily for me I still had a few friends in the city. I called from my friend Andrew and met up with him and Marcos. They told me they were going to be sleeping at a 찜질방 or jim ji bang.

It’s 9 dollars to stay in one and it’s not too bad. You come in, pay and they give you an outfit to wear. Shorts and a tshirt. You put ur shoes in a locker and then take the key. They have a few floors. There is a guys floor and a girls floor, where they have showers and baths and pretty much everything you need to freshen up. Then once you’ve done that you go onto the unisex floors. It’s pretty much a stone floor with a big TV. People just sit and chill here. They had two different unisex floors. One which was louder and another one which was quieter. My friends and I chose to go onto the quieter floor. I grabbed two blankets and pretty much just made myself a little spot on the floor. There’s no system you just put ur blanket where ever the hell you feel like it. I was dead tired so I went to sleep before my friends showed up.

I woke up about 3am kind of cold, so I went to get a blanket. Upon waking up though I find that some guy had set up his blanket right next to mine! Like he might as well been sleeping on my blanket it was so close. I looked closer to see if it was my friend, but alas it was not. I was sooo tired tho so I just let it be, walked over all the sleeping people grabbed a blanket and went back to sleep. I just didn’t turn in that direction the whole night. I woke up and he was gone. Weirddd.

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Parts of my Seoul

SO I’ve been meaning to write this entry. But I’ve only gotten around to it now. I imagine it’s going to take me all day to finish this. But I have to do this. While this summer was short the memories created will last in my mind for a lifetime and the friendships I formed are highly cherished. Thank you to everyone I met while in Korea for making my time there fantastic. I’m trying to do this in groups so I don’t forget anyone. If I forgot anyone I’m so sorry!! I’ll probably come back and edit this entry as I remember people, but I will try my hardest not to forget anyone.

I’m still not finished with this, but I will post it for now.

I guess this is kind of a very long apology because I’m really bad at keeping in touch, so I want everyone to remember that you are all in my heart and memories always and forever.


Charlotte: The best roomate ever! Thanks for being my roomate throughout the program. I’m sure I wasn’t the best of roomates at times. =/ You are such a surprising person, but in a very plesant way. I wish I could just follow you around your entrire life so I could watch people’s reaction when they see you at the club and I’m like “Yup, that’s my roomate” =D

Kara: I ❤ you and the fact your eyes disappear when you smile. It’s a smile I will never forget. Thank you for being my friend while I was in Korea. Nothing was better then our depressing talks on the subway while forgetting everything while shopping then immediately remembering again when we’re back on the subway. Oh wait something was better and that was our lunch gimbap and waffles!! As well as our coffee rush times. Haha you are an amazing person and I love you to death! Aja aja fighting!

Anna: Anna-shiii!! I’m going to miss our late night talks, tremedeously. I can’t believe how much we went through and now it’s all over. I’m going to miss when you got sick and I’d hear you hacking away while you were trying to laugh in turn causing me to laugh. I’m going to miss us screaming at each other while we were sitll in our rooms to talk or our talks on AIM when we were just 3 steps away from each other. You’re such a caring and wonderful person. Having someone like you being my friend was a great honor.

Jenny: My bus buddy while we were on the field trip. I’ll miss your dancing and singing around the suite! Hehe as well as yours and Tina’s cooking while you were sick. Thanks so much for being our handy transulator when we needed it. =)

Tina: Tina! The first person I ever met while I was in Korea. Thanks for being such an awesome roomate while we were still at the Ramada.

Andrew: An-da-rue shii! Nothing beats our late night walks along the lake on the fieldtrip. I’m so glad to have gotten the chance to get to know you better on the field trip. You are an amazing person (even tho ur white… haha j.j!). It was a pleasure having you in my life. =) And I won’t lie on the field trip one of those days. That day we had the stinky fish on the last day of the field trip. My table had finished eating and you had just sat down, we all left I passed you by and u gave me a kute little wink. I loved it. It put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. =)

Cho: Cho shii!! =) Awwww Cho!! I’ll miss you tons. I’m so glad I got the chance to talk with you that last night. Even though I told you everything then already I’ll say it again. You are an awesome person. I ❤ you. No one is a better electronic shoping partner then you are. Don’t ever change!! The world needs more people like you in the world. =)PS three words that will always remind me of you. Strawberry ice cream.

Marcos: Oh Marcos, haha you already know what I have to be thankful to you for. ^_~ But aside from that thanks for always being the one willing to try anything anytime. Everytrip overseas needs a person like you. =) PS your fights with Anna? Halarious, haha one of the higlights of my trip.

Suzanne: Thanks for making us VIP! =)

Room 1201

Eric: Eric shii!! I still remember meeting you at that last dinner on the field trip. I remember thinking you were an awesome person at dinner and then I was so happy to find out you were rooming with the guys. Little did I know you would turn out to just be amazing. I’ve loved getting to know you and am so thankful to have someone like you in my life during the summer. You have the hugest heart, which is obvious from that terrible night as had at catch light. =P Having you as a dance partner has been awesome! Come down to New Orleans cause we must do it again. =) PS I’m going to miss seeing ur bedhead!

Chris: It was great knowing you too! You have the best tastes of music, seriously. Awesome. Even though you were never around when you were it was great.

Anthony: Ohhh what can I say to you? My last night in Korea was spent up all night talking to you and I feel like I’ve only tipped the iceberg in terms of getting to know you. Our glasses trip was soo much fun! Thank you so much for taking me and helping me get my glasses. I love our late night talks. There are so many levels to you and each one is greater then the next one. I envy those people who have you in their daily lives.

Vince: Haha so you weren’t an offical member of room 1201 but you might as well have been so I’m placing you here. I’ll always remember you getting a melon pop on the subway on our many nights out. Or my one drunk night incident that you won’t let me forget. Or that night you slept in my room and we couldn’t get to sleep till like 6am even tho now I can’t for the life of me remember what we stayd up laughing about. I don’t think my trip would have been half as fun without you around. You really are the life of the party.

Girls of the I-house

Ashley: I ❤ you and ur dumpling cooking skills. You’re a sweetheart, really you are. I loved it when you slept over. =) It’s like you were a part of us. You were my resource for everythign beauty korean related. I’m so sad we never got to shop together, but it felt good to have a shopolic like me on the trip. Remember that night we went to that random bar and me and you were like drinking like crazy? Haha good times. Thanks for being my drinking buddy.

Joanne: I loved all our girls talks. What was that famous line of yours? 10 dollar whore? Haha soo funny. You were so much fun to be around. 90 degrees baby. =) I’m crossing my fingers for you, you find someone as amazing as you know who. ^_~ You deserve it, and it’ll be better now especially since they won’t be millions of miles away. =P

Rachael L.: I didn’t get to hang out with you so much, but the times we did hang out were awesome. Thanks so much for transulating and leading our massive group whenever we went out. I really don’t know if we would have survived without you some of those times.

Rachael B.: I didn’t get to hang out with you so much either! But it was fun when you did come out with us. I don’t know if I ever told you but I loveeee your hair cut! Haha you’re so pretty. =)

Marci: Oh Marci you’re so kute! I wish I had been able to get to know you better earlier in the trip but I’m so glad we got to know each other better on the last night in Seoul! It was soo much fun, seriously. One of the best nights I had in Seoul without being intoxicated. =P I want to know when you get ur first special ****! ^_~

Whitney: I didn’t get to know you either until the last night in Seoul! So sad, but I’m thankful for when we did get to bond. You’re so awesome. That last night in Seoul was really awesome and that was thanks to you, Marci, and Anthony. Go us for being able to survive the whole night! Poo on every1 else who failed and went to sleep. =P

Guys of the I-house

Donnie: Donnie shii!! You are by far one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my lifetime. Meeting people like you really gives me hope for the world. If only the world had more people like you, it’d be a better place. No lie. It had been an honor, a great honor having you in my life, even if it was only for a summer the impact you have had on me will be felt for a lifetime. Thank you for being the greatest little/big half korean brother I could ever ask for. PS if I haven’t mentioned it yet, aside from you being such a great person you are too kute for words too! Ahh, I’m so envious of your future girlfriend because she will be one lucky girl. PS number 2! I loved the video you made. I want to see the longer version! I totally almost started crying on the shorter version. ;-;

Jonathan: Thanks so much for the talk on the Han River, the wonderful night on the top of Seoul tower, the glasses trip to Namdaemun, and so much more. You have a wonderful personality, it’s very calming and sincere. Don’t ever change. =)

Gene: You are one unique individual, but in a very good way. Thanks for always being the positive lining. I didn’t get to have any one on one conversations with you, but it was always great having you around. Plus everyone had the best impression of you and I’m sure EVERYONE could have been wrong. =)

Brian: Don’t worry I won’t ever tell your secret that you have a pooping problem when ur sleeping! It’s mine, you, and Anna’s secret. ^_~ Ohh I’ll miss seeing you flirt with our teacher in Korean class. And I’ll miss seeing all your drunk nights. Thanks for adding a little extra entertainment to my nights outs. =D

Thomas: Reary? =) I’m going to miss picking your grey hairs!! That was too much fun, seriously. And I’m going to miss joking with you about morning wood. Thanks for being our handy transulator. You should have slept over at the s-house sooner, but it’s ok. Better late then never.

Another group! (In no order)

Andrew A.: I think ur fantastic. Thank you so much for being my friend. Did you ever get that Big Bang song down? =) I think the best memory I have of you was when u saw me in the club dancing with one of my friends and you told him to treat me right or else and it just made my night. Thank you so much for being so caring. =)

Kayu: Kayu oppa! I’m going to miss you. Haha meeting you showed me how small the world can be. I’m going to miss being your slap buddy in Korean class and I’m going to miss hearing all your excuses as to why you couldn’t come over to study. Haha just joking. But really, I will miss you. You better not cheat on me over in California or else I’ll tell our Korean teacher on you! ^_~

Ester: We didn’t get to talk much but from what I could tell you were a super person. =D

Corey: Corey! Thank you for being my buddy on the field trip. Are u enjoying China now?! It must be amazing to be there during the Olympics. I’m going to miss you. I hope you and your girl are doing well. She’s very lucky. =)

Duy: My other Vietnamese friend!! Thanks for hanging out in Myeong dong with me on your last day. I’m so sorry you didn’t get your candy tho! There’s always next time. =) Call me whenever your in New Orleans we must hang out again! I miss you tons!

Peter haha: Oh Peter, I’ll never forget all the serenading you did for Bus 1 on the field trip. Thanks for just being awesome.

Sue Yim: My roomate on the field trip! Haha I ❤ you. Sorry for keeping the key hostage! But I’m glad you found a way to get into the room. I’ll miss you and hearing about how your water logged phone is doing.

Rosalind: Thanks for must for being my first friend in Korea!!! We went out to eat the first night I got here and I had so much fun. You’re an awesome person and we have so much in common. Thanks for always being cool. Hopefully I’ll see you around. Hopefully in Korea? ^_~

Kenny: Oh Kenny, I love your smile. I never got to talk with you much but I feel like I know you so well just from what everyone says about you. That video weblog of you and the junk food was a highlight of my trip. =)

David: Haha so we had our little tiffs here and there, but thank you none the less. I doubt I could ever get into a debate with you because it would raise my blood pressure too much but you’re a good person. You made my friend Kara so happy and that in itself is priceless.

Cal: Woohoo my buddy at the airport! I was so surprised to see you there. Thanks for hanging out with me. =) I hope you the best in the future.

Casey: Casey you rock girl! You are such an awesome and welcoming person. I can only cross my fingers and hope our paths cross again in the future.

Adam: I didn’t get to talk with you much, but thanks for making my Korean experience a little more memorable. =)

My Korean friends:

Crickson: Oh my gosh!!! Crickson!!! I’m going to miss you so much. You are by far the best buddy in this entire world!!! I’m so glad I got to know you and you were so willing to let us in and become your friend. Thank you for everything, really. I never expected that any of the buddies I met on the Seoul City Tour would become our actual friends and make such an impact in our Korean lives as you did. You really made my time in Korea so much more enjoyable. I’ll always remember all our nights out and all the times you spent in the S-house with us. Hehe remember when you came over and showed us all the Yonsei cheers?! That was so much fun. Thank you for spending our last night in Korea with us. Not only that but cooking for us too! I’ll truly miss you. If you are ever in New Orleans call me so I can return the favor.

Jin: Thank you for tkaing me out in Korea. The sam gyeop sal you took me out for was the best sam gyeop sal I had my whole time in Korea!! And my minto experience was amazing too. Let’s run into each other again back in New Orleans. =)

Hae-chon oppa: Hae-chon!!! I luv you, I hope you know that. You are such an amazing person and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I owe so much to you. Thank you for EVERYTHING you did for me in Korea.

Kyoon-bae: Kyoon bae shii!! You made me feel so special while I was in Korea, thank you! I can’t wait till you come back to New Orleans so I can return the favor. Everything from the lunches to the river boat tour. Whenever I was with you I felt so much more at home and so much more comfortable.

Seung ho: Oppa, i miss you. I’m so happy we were finally able to go out for lunch. I know you’re very busy so I was very happy you were able to find some time. Come back to New Orleans, New Orleans misses you.

Seung gok: Thank for making my last day in Korea awesome! I can’t believe I met you in one night and the next day it was like we were the best of friends going to the aquarium.

Ji Hae: Thanks for being the best EVerland buddy! Everland was so much fun because we had a seasoned veteran with us to show us around. =)

Jhonny: Thank you for making my last week in Korea just magical. Thank you really. I can’t tell you how special you made my Korean experience. You’ll forever be in my heart and that famous take your breath away line will forever remain a highlight of my time in Korea.

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COEX Aquarium

So I’m finally home now. It’s currently Monday morning and I have been home since Saturday night. Since I’ve gotten home I’ve done nothing but sleep. Like literally I woke up twice to eat and I’ve spent the rest of my time sleeping.

The plane ride home was good. Contiential has by far the BEST entertainment system yet and that is saying a lot from me because I’ve flown a lot of planes. They had like 300 something movies and TV shows u could pick from as well as rewind and fast forward function. All on a touch screen TV too.

I connected into the US through Houston and let me tell you… never again. Houston international connection was hell. We had to recollect our baggage for security inspection again. Which wouldn’t have been terrible if not for the unbelieveably lines we had to wait in. They were so backed up they had to block people from getting on the esculator. I had about a 3 hour layover and made it with baout 30 minutes to spare.

As for this blog I’m going to have to start backtracking. I meant to keep it up while I was in Korea, but my life there was incrediably busy and my time there was soo limited. Check out date from the program was August 8th but my flight didn’t fly out until the 9th.

My last night at the s-house was spent fantastically. Soju and good friends, nothing more I could ask for. I stayed up the whole night getting to know a few more of my friends better and just enjoying everything. I’ll write another entry on my last night later, but for now this one is dedicated to my last day.

I unpacked and got all my stuff ready to go. I had the hotel hold my luggage for me while I went out and explored Sinchon, the area near Yonsei on my own. It was nice just being able to walk around aimlessly and explore. I picked out a random hair salon and got my hair cut. I love it, fyi. At this point in time I can make very very little conversation with people.

Mid day I met up with one of my friends I had made the night before we we went out to explore the coex aquarium. It’s amazing how easy it is to make friends when you’re in another country.

The COEX aquarium is amazing!! If you ever get the chance definately go. It’s only 13 dollars for a ticket and it’s huge. They do kute things like put fishes on places you’d never imagine. Almost everything is in Korean tho so go with someone who can read Korean and explain it to you.

Me and my friend 승국 찌. I love it. I literally made friends with him my last night in Seoul.

승국 찌 is over a foot taller then me, but I found a way to trick the system. =)

Fish in a sink!

Seung Gok washing his hands in the sink of fish.

Fish in the microwave!

And fish in the fridge

And in the washing machine


They had this place where u put ur hands in and the fish swim around it and u can touch them.

LOL seriously, Korea has the scariest maniquins.

Seung Gok with some leech like fish in a spiderman tank. Haha

More fish in a fish bowl

The two of us. LOL it looks like we’re a couple right?!? But we’re not. Korea is a very couple-centric country.


Fish in the CP


The bats were really creepy when they ate

Cool ceiling fish tank

Can u find the fish?!

Invisible fish

Eating the piranha

Two headed turtle!!

Puffer fish, my favorite!!

Rock fish, reminds me of pirates 2

Kute little asian kid playing with a lizard tongue

And of course Seung Gok has to follow suit

Another one of my favorites!!!

I forgot what they’re called tho…

Haha check out the kute little asian kid

When I say couple-centric country I kid you not. They had this machine there u put ur hands on it and it measures how compitable you two are.

Mine and Seung Gok’s result

Touch a starfish section

Did you know penguines get married and divorced!?!

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Triange gimbap

Triangle gimbap one of my favorite convienent store foods here.

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Professional Photo Session

I have less then a week left here and I’m trying to spend every last minute of it to the fullest extent. My emotions are all over the place right now and the only thing I can say is taken from one of my friend’s status “I can only hope time goes by slower then slow right now.”

About 2 or so weeks ago we got an email from Yonsei asking the CIEE students to meet in the library to have a “photo session.” Haha it was really cool. So we met them and had to go around the campus taking photos with the photographer. It was fun, but modeling is a lot harder then one would expect. I think they are going to use these photos in a brochure for the program?

Ever since the first day of the program we have had like three photographers and 2 videographers following us around taking pictures and videos of us. They took followed us for all our excurions even went into our classrooms and took pictures. I can’t wait till the last day when they give us a CD of all the pictures they’ve taken so far. Korean’s love to take pictures. Like LOVE to take pictures and especially pictures of people.

Haha the photographer picked up two random guys to pose in this picture with us.

Me and Anna fake studying

And fake watching a presentation

My professional picture

Haha fake laughing

The Yonsei Library is GORGEOUS. I’ll be dedicating a whole entry to the library when I get home and have more time to blog.

Fake reading

Looking at a cancer book

The photographer was like “walk very slowly”

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So I’m sitting in my suite right now by myself listening to some music and my heart is aching. Like aching beyond belief. I don’t know if it has something to do wih the fact I just finished watching Clicked and despite it being my third time watching it I cried up  storm. But in any case my heart aches so much right now. Like I feel like I can’t breath aching. I’m going to meet up with my friends in a little bit, but it hurts to think that in less then a week I may never see any of these people again. This has just been an amazing experience for me. I love Korea, I love Seoul, and I love all the people I have met here.

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보령어도죽제 (10 Annual Boryeong Mud Festival)

Last Friday was our last excursion for the program! (Well the last one I signed up for) We went to the Boryeong Mud Festival. The mud here is suppose to be spa level mud and they’ve just got all kinds of mud things you can do. It was a fun experience. I don’t know if I’d ever go back though, just because I don’t like getting dirty. Afterwards we went to this like sauna to get cleaned up. I was pretty uncomfortable at first because everyone is like naked in there, but after a while I just kinda fell into it and got naked too. They had like sea salt baths, and showers, and mud baths, and just everything. It was a nice sauna. Anyways life has been so busy for me here. I’ll type up a thoughful entry sometime soon. But until then enjoy these pictures from the mud festival.

The entrance

Mud prison, if your not muddy enough u go in here and they throw mud at you.

All the girls nice and clean before hitting the mud.

The festival is held on a beach.

At the beach

The tide must have come up 10 feet at the end of the night.


Massive slides

Anna on the beach

They have concerts and other things going on too

Some people coming from mud painting

The lil main walking area

More mud slides

The line for the mud slide

Me and the mud mascot

Mud inflatable playground

Mud pool, some people are playing a game in here

me and some of my friends eating bibimbap after getting clean

And finally me and Kara in matching shirts

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