Posted by: serenaxoxo | June 16, 2008

What to do during a 13 hour plane ride?

So the flight to Tokyo went without a hitch. I made my 8am flight to Houston and then my 10:50 flight to Tokyo. I was surprised to find all the flights left right on time.

I love flying but a 13 hour flight is a little too much for me. I made friends with the guy sitting next to me and the girl sitting next to him. None of them were stayin in Japan tho, the guy was connecting to Taipei and the girl on to Seoul. Most of my time was spend watching movies and playing DS. I slept for about a total of 2 hours. I wanted to sleep for more though because I knew when I got to Tokyo I’d end up explorering. The nice thing about these long flights is they feed you. A lot. Every 3 hours they would come around with something.

1. Drink and snack (peanuts)
2. hot meal
3. Pan pizza and Haggen Daiz ice cream
4. another hot meal

I snapped one quick picture of the menu they gave us.



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