Posted by: serenaxoxo | June 18, 2008

Arrival in Tokyo, Shibuya

So after my very tiring flight I was greeted with the face of my friend Queen. She got into Japan in the first of June and is staying for the whole month. For the next week she would be my traveling partner. Our first mission was to get my luggage back to the homstay she was staying at. Which may sound easy but oh no, traveling with two large peices of luagge and getting around Tokyo’s very crowded train stations is no easy task. A few of my problems:

1. the crowds
2. the different transfers of stations
3. the millions of floors i had walk up, then down
4. my luggage

I got in at like 3 and finally made it home at like 6 at which point we quickly went out into Shibuya. Shibuya is incrediably crowded, but pretty and un to walk through at night. My day ended early since I was jetlagged and I returned home at 9 and passed out. The day in pictures below.

My first meal, crepes and the plastic models of it. Japanese people LOVE plastic models of their food cause it’s everywhere.

The crepe stand

Me and my crepe, whipped cream and fresh bananas.

Making Japanese fish cakes, Taiyaki. I haven’t gotten to try these yet but they sure look good.

Brand new Fanta drink. It’s got a jello like consistency, but still the carbonated fanta flavor. Straight from the vending machine 120 yen.


109 building, lots of items for sale, very expensive (in my mind)

Japanese porn

Do it yourself ear pericing, which are sold everywhere in japan.

OIOI store

Everyone waiting for the crosswalk

Disney store, like 8 floors of disney stuff. The stairs are spiral and I nearly for dizzy walking up and down those things.


Vending machines

Dinner, chicken, cabbage, rice, miso soup, and soba
This was about 12 dollars US total, not too bad. Japanese people say its rude for you to leave food behind, but seriously this was too much food for me to eat. I just had the bowl of rice and chicken. I have no idea how they do it, but really do finish everything.

Shibuya is really pretty at night.

I end with this video of me walking ver slowly through Shibuya



  1. wow, i am sooo jealous! It’s been a dream of mine to go to Japan. I’m definitely gonna take lots of pictures when I go there. Have a great vacation!


  2. Awesome. Shibuya is a fab place the first time you visit.. and the second… and the third ; ) I don’t know what you’re into but Odaiba is a very funky place to visit as well – big wheel, future science museum, shopping by bucket loads, a joypolis indoor amusement arcade with rides etc – and great restaurants!

    Have fun : )

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