Posted by: serenaxoxo | June 18, 2008

Trains during rush hour

So while I was waiting for my friend to come out of a concert I watched as this girl literally forced herself onto the bus. At first the door half way closed in her boob, at which point I was sure she’d just get off and wait for the next bus, but no she just kept squeezing herself back and they did finally get the door closed.

Rush hour is a MISERABLE time to ride the train or bus.

Old men squeezing themselves into the train.

Since me and my friend picked up the railpass we decided we should abuse it to no end. There’s a train that runs from Kyoto to Osaka, but it takes about I think 45 minutes and it makes tons of stops along the way. We got down to the train tracks and noticed that there were like a million people waiting for the train so we decided to go upstairs and get a bullet train ticket to Osaka, which takes about 11 minutes. Bullet trains are soo nice, think airplane seat but with 10x more space but really expensive. A ticket from Tokyo to Osaka is about 130 dollars.



  1. Trains in the morning in Tokyo are no fun at all. For such a “polite” race, all politeness goes out the window when pushing to get on a train – it’s everyone for themselves.

    Mind you, wait until you try Korean buses – they are not filled to bursting like the trains here, but all the drivers seem like they’re practising rally driving.

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