Posted by: serenaxoxo | June 22, 2008

Arrival in Seoul

So last night I got into Incheon around 10pm. My program was meeting me at 8am so I figured I’d just stay at the airport. The stay at the airport wasn’t bad. I found some free wifi and a nice comfy area by an outlet where I coud lie down if I wanted too. I thought I’d be the only one around the airport but turns out there were quite a few people staying overnight at the airport. I’m at the hotel now, just resting and relaxing. I still have about 100 more pictures to get through of Japan so those entries will be sporatic.

Tour Club Hostel
The hostel I stayed at in Kyoto was AMAZING. I LOVED it. I would recommend anyone to stay there. The staff was super friendly and nice and the facalities are clean and pretty. Thanks Edman for recommending it. =)

My dorm room

The zen garden

Kitchen and reading room. They had a little library of books on Japan to help you plan your trip.

Mat area to sit in front of the zen garden

The living room with some guys watching a movie in it. Here they had a yukata you could dress up in too.

The front desk area and computer room.

And one of the best parts was this toilet. All you had to do was open the door and then the top would go up, a light i the toilet and the room light would go on.


  1. nice crib! welcome to korea! 🙂

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