Posted by: serenaxoxo | June 22, 2008

First night in Seoul

I checked into my hotel around 9.30am yesterday. Lucky me my program arranged for me to be able to check in early. I pretty just passed out the minute I got into bed and slept till like 5ish.

Here’s a picture of my hotel room. Really nice. All the lights, AC, and TV are controled from one TV like romote and there’s even floor heating!

I then made plans with Rosalind, a girl I had met on soompi who was doing the same program as me. The subway systems are really easy to figure out in Korea. I bought a T-money card which is like a subway card that can be used at some other places like convience stores too. It gives u a little discount when you’re going around the subway. It costs about $1 to take the subway and if your going far then like 60 cent or so more. Rosalind picked me up at my subway station the we hit up where she was staying Hongdae. It was great fun we walked around trying to figure out where to eat. Korea doesn’t have plastic food like Japan does so looking for a place to eat was kind of hard but we finally deicded on this bbq and lucky us one of the guys there spoke English! =) We ordered two orders of pork bulgogi ($18) and a bottle of soju ($3). Soju is so cheap in Korea! I can see this stuff is gonna end up being the death of me while I’m here.

Setting up the fire

Pork galbi. Oh man this stuff was soooo goood! The side dishes were kind of weird at first. Like the salad like a dressing that kind of reminded me of kimchi and then that brown jello stuff had some kimchi flavored dressing on it. They brought out this soup that kind of reminded me of kimchi too. Lol After a while tho I think everything grew on me (either that or the alcohol) cause I was eating almost everything.

Afterwards we walked around to a bunch of makeup stores and I found BB cream! Ranging from 10-40 bucks. The Face Shop and Etude had like sooo many different kinds of BB cream for like 11 bucks. All the colors are so light to me so I chose the ones that had the easiest blending.

Me and Rosalind after dinner. My poor blood I always turn red even if it’s just one shot.

A picture i snapped at the subway station. Haha I love how everything in Asia is so animated.



  1. Wow.. so many updates. Very interesting stuff. =) Who knew there’d be a Cafe du Monde in Japan? .. but then there is a Popeye’s at the HK airport though. =P

  2. woo hoo! let’s take the picture with the figurines again..but this time i will pose like it. hahaha. <33

  3. Wow! Soju for 3!? I will feel forever ripped off whenever I set foot inside GimChi now. =(

    You lost weight. lol.

  4. Hello!!

    I found your blog while googling “Yonsei Blog”, I love your entries! I am going to Yonsei in 3 weeks, do you have any advice you’re willing to share with a fellow Yonseian?? Also, which hotel did you stay in while you were there?


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