Posted by: serenaxoxo | June 29, 2008

Shopping, eating and Dongdaemun

Today was my first free day since I arrived in Korea. Since I’ve arrived in Korea I’ve been going to bed around 1am and having to wake up at like 7am every morning, so last night when I went to sleep at 1 I expected to wake up around noonish. But to my surprise I woke up bright and early 8.30am. I guess it’s the jetlag, but it’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve arrived in Asia.

I woke up and bummed around the house for a bit. Ate some pastries that I had taken from the bbq the night before and just enjoyed my free time. I went out to eat lunch with Andrew and Eric who is korean. I love going to eat with a korean person because they can take you to the little cheap korean restuarants that don’t have menus. The menus are usually posted at the door in hangul. We ordered gimbap (like a sushi roll), cheese gimbap, mandu (dumpling), and ddeok bok ee (rice cakes in a spicy sauce). Of course it came with the usually free water and side dishes. The total bill for 3 people? $10

Then me and Andrew headed out to Dongdaemun. Big shopping district in Seoul. I fell in love, all over again. I see myself coming here pretty much everyweek.

Earrings I bought for like $3 each

Two different kinds of BB cream. I love the one in the blue box so far. $11 each

Two new outfits. The quality of clothes in these markets are not great but it’s pretty good considering the price. The blue one was $10 and the brown one $15.

I love the dondaemun area. It has the street shops and it’s got the mall stores so it’s got pretty much all types of shopping places you could want to go too. I can’t wait till I get a better grasp on korean language so I can haggle. I know how to say “Mister/Miss, how much is this?” but then they tend to answer me in Korean and while I can catch some numbers a lot of times I really cant understand so I just stare at them for a while then they’ll say it in English. It’s so lively. There were a bunch of different concert like things going on outside of Doota mall.

One of the concert venues

I think this was a contest to see who could do the Tell me dance the best?

Eating in Korea is one of the hardest things. The menus are posted on like the door or walls of the restuarant and pretty much always in just hangul withno pictures. Lucky for me tho Andrew’s brother teaches english in Korea so he can read a little bit of hangul. We figured out enough to have two orders of bi bim bap. I love Korean restuarants because you always get a whole bunch of side dishes, soup and water to go along with ur meal.

It was like $10 for the two orders of bi bim bap



  1. You are totally welcome! I’m surprised that you found out I’m stalking you. And you’re ok with it…

    I AM going to Korea in less than two months (hopefully!) to teach English. So hopefully I’ll know exactly how the bi bimbap tastes like.

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