Posted by: serenaxoxo | July 4, 2008

Ladies Night

I just finished my first full week of school. I’m a bit behind on my blogging. I mean to do it everyday, but somehow life has become sooo busy while I’m over here. I wake up and get ready to get on the shuttle that takes us at school at 10.10am. I stay at school until 6pm and by the time I make it home I’ve either got homework or some other thing to do. But anyways, I’ll blog about a typical day of mine another time.

Wednesday my North Korean society and politics teacher asked if anyone would volunteer to read 60 pages of a book and write an outline and make a presentation for it Thursday. I volunteered since I figured he’s be the easiest on me. He gave me NO guidelines what so ever other then 2-3 pages long. So I stayed up till 2am doing that and turns out it was worth it cause I Aced it and I probably don’t have to do anymore presentations. =D

Thursday I celebrated all my hard work by going out for ladies night and it was an extra bonus I got to meet up with my friend Hae-Chon. I luvvv Hae-Chon, he’s such a total sweetheart. I met him while he was in school in New Orleans. It’s been a good long while since I last time I saw him. Maybe a year ago when he graduated? He’s always felt like an older brother to me and that hasn’t changed. He took care of everything for me and my friends Thursday night. It was just really great and nice of him. PS congratulations to him for getting into grad school! =) He’s moving back to the US this AUgust to work towards his MBA.

Going out this time was a HUNDRED times better then the other time we went out on club night. I haven’t blogged about that night yet, but I will. Let’s just say club night was so crowded you couldn’t move. Last night on the other hand was great. It was ladies night so all the girls got in free with a free drink. The place we picked wasn’t too packed but the music was great. Most of the people weren’t dancing so we had the whole dance floor to ourselves, which was a lot of fun.

Me and Hae Chon at a bar. Korean bars are cool because the tables have a little button on them u can press to get the waitress or waiter.

Some of the great people I have met while here in Korea. I’m so glad all my CIEE girls aka roomates are so awesome. They’re all really fun and sweet. The guys are great too and it’s great to know that the guy’s roomates are just as awesome! It’s nice to have a place to go when you lock yourself out of your room (which I did the other day)

Me and one of my dancing parties. Haha Eric is one of those people who really surprise you. When I first met him he was in his room and was telling me about how his mother had just come to visit him. And he goes to Brown for biology. So I didn’t except to see him out with a bottle of soju and on the dance floor.

Me and Hae Chon again. ❤

Haha we had 11 people go out with us so we pretty much dominated the dance floor.

More dancing partners! The CIEE guy’s roomates I was talking about earlier. Eric and Anthony. Anthony’s another one who surprised the hell out of me! When you first meet him he seems like the home type. But then he went out last night and I swear he busted out dance moves that even the girls couldn’t do. =P

A group picture from the end of the night. =)

And finally the girls modeling our fridge full of soju bottles.


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