Posted by: serenaxoxo | July 6, 2008

Protests, bars, and clubs

I always feel so guilty when I blog, mostly because when I blog all I think about is I should be studying instead. But yea here I am blogging regardless. Seeing as how I spend the last 2 or so hours rewatching parts of Soulmate, might as well wastes a few more minutes blogging.

Yesterday was suppose to be the biggest protest yet over this American beef thing. My apartment is relatively close to City Hall and right across the street of the police station. I didn’t get any pictures of the actual protest. (We’re advised to stay away in case it gets violent.) But I did catch some pictures from my window of the police gearing up. This whole protest thing hasn’t effected us too much. When we go out late at night we tend to get rejected my taxi’s because they won’t drive to where we live. But after 5 or so taxi’s we’ll find one. And traffic tends to really suck if your driving around this area during a protest.

Police gearing up

This is right inside the police gates

They moved this bus so that it would block the entrance.

Other then the rain and the protest we still decided to go out at night. We hit up a bar then the club. Bars in Korea are so cheap. We had like 12 or so people. We ordered some soju, some drinks, and nacho’s and the total was like 35 dollars. Plus there’s always the free bar food. Then we went to the club. It was like 15 dollars to get in. It was ok. Kind of hot, but decent. I think I’ll reserve going out days for thursday tho when I can go for free.

Outside waiting for some people to come join us.

Me, Eric, and Kara

Donnie and Anna, so kute. The love bug is already biting people. Korea is a VERY couple-ish country so it’s no surprise some people are already getting bite by the love bug.

Anthony being defeated by the moving elevator after the club

And finally one of Eric at 1pm with bed head.

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