Posted by: serenaxoxo | July 9, 2008

Digital Perm experience

So yesterday me and two of my suitemates decided to go and get our hair done while we’re here in Korea. My friend Jonathan took us to the place he went too. It was soo nice. They had a menu of drinks you could get for free and they have computers there for u to use while they do your hair. It was a really snazzy place in Sinchon. Hair cuts were like 14 dollars for girls and at first I was just gonna get my hair cut, but then I just decided to go for gold and get the perm.

It was an interesting experience. For all of us. They spoke really limited English so there was a lot of picture pointing and body movements. They were all soo nice though. The guy who did my hair started off by cutting about an inch or so off. Then he took me over to the computer desk and they put some solution in my hair, wrapped it in saran wrap and I sat under a hair dryer for like 10 minutes. Then they came and put some curler-like things in my hair and connected the two ends of the curler to this machine. I wish I had brought my camera, but I forgot. =( I was on that thing for like an hour. It was hot, but not unbearable or anything. Then he came back, took them out and washed my hair. The whole process took 2-3 hours and cost 100 dollars. More expensive then other places, but I was happy since this was a really nice place and every1 was great. Curious about the final product?

I like it. It’ll probably calm down in the next week or so. I want to go back and get my hair cut again though. I think when he cut my hair he cut it too bluntly so I wanna go back and thin out the ends.

And my nails. Not too bad for free hand french huh? =D I bought nail stickers at this store for 50 cents and stuck them on.



  1. Hi Serena,

    I came across your blog b/c I was trying to find places in Seoul that did digiperms. can you let me know where you went to have this done?

    I know you said they spoke limited English, but it sounds so nice!


  2. i want to get a digiperm, do you know what the salon is called in sinchon?

  3. I want to know exactly the same thing. Can you let me know as well?

  4. I’m thinking about getting digital perm as well. You look lovely and I’m now more convinced! 🙂

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