Posted by: serenaxoxo | July 14, 2008

Korean lifestyle

Last weekend was great fun. The Korean lifestyle is insane. Drinking and going out is just like a thing everyone does. We head out to the Sinchon area via subway around 10ish then we go to a bar and drink till maybe 12ish before hitting the clubs. Drinking and eating at a bar is so cheap in Korea. I’ve never had to pay more then 5 dollars. Then we head home around 3ish-4ish via taxi. Between four people it’s like a dollar a person for the fare home.

I’m really happy with the group of people I’ve fallen into since I arrived in Korea. My suitemates are all fabulous, they know how to have a good time and took care of me last weekend when I got terribly drunk off of soju. The guys we hang out with are great too. They’re all goofy and just fun to be around.

Last weekend was so much fun! It was my first time having flavored soju and wow. That stuff is GOOD. I haven’t really been drinking since I got to Korea because I don’t really like the tastes of soju, but flavored soju is like drinking candy. It’s just so good.

Our first pitchers of flavored soju. We finished all this in less then 15 minutes. Korean tradition says you never pour your own drink, so everytime we took a shot I’d look down and someone had poured me a new shot already.

This was taken later in the night so my face is getting quite red.

Poor Anna choked on the soju. She was trying to make the “kkkkkk” sound you make after u take a shot and someone made her laugh.

Pretty pretty girls

Loving the candide pictures

My suitemates and their crush Edwin, who I thought was Mexican. For some reason Koreans love to lie to me. -.-

Getting tipsy at the bar

Some of the guys I hang out with. Sitting next to me is Tripp, our soldier tour guide in the DMZ! Haha him and the captain came out to party with us.

There’s Captain Bradley with Kara, Vince, and Cho

I ❤ Eric, he’s like my safety when I go to the club. We’ve gotten into a tradition of taking a “couple” looking picture when we go out.

Haha loving the faces Kara and Eric are making in this picture

Somehoe we managed to take a group picture!

Crickson, Eric, and Donnie. Some of my favorite guys! Crickson is a Yonsei student who works with the program we came here with. I was able to make friends with him and he’s been going out with us! One of the best things about being in another country is you can never have too many friends. Meeting people is so much easier just because this isn’t your area.

Subway picture!

More at the bar

Me and Anna with Vince, who might as well live at the S-house with us cause he’s always either bumming at our place or the guys place after the club.

Korean class!

And somehow after a night of partying we manage to wake up at 7am to go on a rafting trip the next day.

I’m amazed at how busy my life is over here. I go to school Monday-Thursday from 10 till 6. Then I go home and try to explore the city some because during the weekend the school has usually got us on some excursion. Since I’ve arrived in Korea I’ve only had TWO free days. -.-

And here’s a fun little video of my friends trying to do the tell me dance on the subway. (PS I’ve totally mastered the art of standing up without holding onto anything on the subway. =D )



  1. wow it looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Wow! I’m totally hoping my days in Korea are going to be as fun as yours is! Thank you for posting some awesome pics!

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