Posted by: serenaxoxo | July 15, 2008

먹 더 (Eating in Korea)

Eating in Korea. Food here is pretty cheap. You can get fast off for like 1-3 dollars and if you’re looking for like a nice bbq meal that’d be like 10 dollars.

On a typical school day I’ll take the 10.10 shuttle to school, then meet my friend Kara in the snack bar for lunch. I buy a ticket from the convienent store, then pick up this. Gimbap. Kind of like Korean sushi roll with a little bit of ham, radish, carrot, cucumber, and some other stuff. The one at the snack bar has been my favorite so far. This is about $1.30. I bring a pack of seaweed from home because i LOVE the stuff.

I get home from school around 6.30 and if I don’t go out to get then I’ll eat some instant rice and mini dogs with seaweed. Total cost about $1.50.

On the weekends I make a trip to the market and Daiso store. The Daiso store is like a dollar general.

Kute white board I bought from the Daiso store for a dollar to practice my korean on.

The open market, I’m more a supermarket gal tho. But every so often I’ll pick up some fruits here.

Banana’s for $2.50, sooooo good.

I’ve been sick the last few days. My friend Jenny took me toa pharmacy where I picked up this stuff. No idea what it is really. It tastes like cardboard. For five dollars I got 2 days worth of medicine. Six pills a day. I feel like medicine is behind the US here. For all the pills I’m taking I could probably find something at home to take once a day. Oh wells, I feel like I’m getting better so I’m not complaining.

Garlic pepperoni and sweet potato pizza. $3 Sweet potato pizza? Eh……….



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