Posted by: serenaxoxo | July 18, 2008

Summer fesita with the President

This Friday marked the end of midterms at Yonsei. In celebration of it the school had a bbq at the presidents of the school’s house. His house is located on campus and his backyard is HUGE.

Me and the girls were excited we got to dress up for the event.

Walking up to the President’s house. There it is on the right hand side.

It’s an uphill walk to his house.

Entrance to the bbq

The setup was really nice.

His backyard was gorgeous! It was like I was in a movie.

Kara, Gene and I. I’m doing that hand holding pose I see a lot in advertisments here in Korea.

My friends

More international students

The President of Yonsei! A very rich man…

Me and Crickson, my Yonsei Buddy. I ❤ Crickson and his engrish.

Adjuma’s cooking up the yummy bbq.

Me and Kara my suitemate

Haha Eric and Jonathan. I love Jonathan’s smile.

Waiting in line for the food


The food! Which was sooo good. Spagetti (asian style, not so good), chicken wings, potato salad, coleslaw, two kinds of kim chi, rice, and the best part the bbq beef. AMAZING. And of course there were fruits, teas, and instant coffee.

Me and Anna, another one of my suitemates.

They had a lot of fun entertainment for us. There were some hiphop dancers.

Me and Kara with another one of our Yonsei buddies. Yonsei buddies are these students who speak English and help out with the program. Most of them plan on studying abroad themselves.

Two more of the Yonsei buddies. The two guys in the middle. The one in the front is going to Ireland in August for a year!

More Yonsei buddies

And finally one of Me, Kayu, and Anna. My Korean classmates.

I’ll end this entry with some youtube videos from the bbq and after.

Here I am showing off this cool jam thing. You squeeze the two sides together and the jams comes out nice and clean. We need this in the US.

That night we were waiting for people to come over to go out, so Crickson decided to show us some Yonsei cheers to pass the time. Yonsei has like 40 of these things and all incoming freshmen go through a 4 hour orientation to learn them.

Another cheer


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