Posted by: serenaxoxo | July 22, 2008

보령어도죽제 (10 Annual Boryeong Mud Festival)

Last Friday was our last excursion for the program! (Well the last one I signed up for) We went to the Boryeong Mud Festival. The mud here is suppose to be spa level mud and they’ve just got all kinds of mud things you can do. It was a fun experience. I don’t know if I’d ever go back though, just because I don’t like getting dirty. Afterwards we went to this like sauna to get cleaned up. I was pretty uncomfortable at first because everyone is like naked in there, but after a while I just kinda fell into it and got naked too. They had like sea salt baths, and showers, and mud baths, and just everything. It was a nice sauna. Anyways life has been so busy for me here. I’ll type up a thoughful entry sometime soon. But until then enjoy these pictures from the mud festival.

The entrance

Mud prison, if your not muddy enough u go in here and they throw mud at you.

All the girls nice and clean before hitting the mud.

The festival is held on a beach.

At the beach

The tide must have come up 10 feet at the end of the night.


Massive slides

Anna on the beach

They have concerts and other things going on too

Some people coming from mud painting

The lil main walking area

More mud slides

The line for the mud slide

Me and the mud mascot

Mud inflatable playground

Mud pool, some people are playing a game in here

me and some of my friends eating bibimbap after getting clean

And finally me and Kara in matching shirts


  1. Boryeong Festival is ABSOLUTELY beautiful though and we took full advantage of
    all of the mud activities then! All in all, a great time had by everyone!

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