Posted by: serenaxoxo | August 2, 2008

Professional Photo Session

I have less then a week left here and I’m trying to spend every last minute of it to the fullest extent. My emotions are all over the place right now and the only thing I can say is taken from one of my friend’s status “I can only hope time goes by slower then slow right now.”

About 2 or so weeks ago we got an email from Yonsei asking the CIEE students to meet in the library to have a “photo session.” Haha it was really cool. So we met them and had to go around the campus taking photos with the photographer. It was fun, but modeling is a lot harder then one would expect. I think they are going to use these photos in a brochure for the program?

Ever since the first day of the program we have had like three photographers and 2 videographers following us around taking pictures and videos of us. They took followed us for all our excurions even went into our classrooms and took pictures. I can’t wait till the last day when they give us a CD of all the pictures they’ve taken so far. Korean’s love to take pictures. Like LOVE to take pictures and especially pictures of people.

Haha the photographer picked up two random guys to pose in this picture with us.

Me and Anna fake studying

And fake watching a presentation

My professional picture

Haha fake laughing

The Yonsei Library is GORGEOUS. I’ll be dedicating a whole entry to the library when I get home and have more time to blog.

Fake reading

Looking at a cancer book

The photographer was like “walk very slowly”


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