Posted by: serenaxoxo | August 11, 2008

COEX Aquarium

So I’m finally home now. It’s currently Monday morning and I have been home since Saturday night. Since I’ve gotten home I’ve done nothing but sleep. Like literally I woke up twice to eat and I’ve spent the rest of my time sleeping.

The plane ride home was good. Contiential has by far the BEST entertainment system yet and that is saying a lot from me because I’ve flown a lot of planes. They had like 300 something movies and TV shows u could pick from as well as rewind and fast forward function. All on a touch screen TV too.

I connected into the US through Houston and let me tell you… never again. Houston international connection was hell. We had to recollect our baggage for security inspection again. Which wouldn’t have been terrible if not for the unbelieveably lines we had to wait in. They were so backed up they had to block people from getting on the esculator. I had about a 3 hour layover and made it with baout 30 minutes to spare.

As for this blog I’m going to have to start backtracking. I meant to keep it up while I was in Korea, but my life there was incrediably busy and my time there was soo limited. Check out date from the program was August 8th but my flight didn’t fly out until the 9th.

My last night at the s-house was spent fantastically. Soju and good friends, nothing more I could ask for. I stayed up the whole night getting to know a few more of my friends better and just enjoying everything. I’ll write another entry on my last night later, but for now this one is dedicated to my last day.

I unpacked and got all my stuff ready to go. I had the hotel hold my luggage for me while I went out and explored Sinchon, the area near Yonsei on my own. It was nice just being able to walk around aimlessly and explore. I picked out a random hair salon and got my hair cut. I love it, fyi. At this point in time I can make very very little conversation with people.

Mid day I met up with one of my friends I had made the night before we we went out to explore the coex aquarium. It’s amazing how easy it is to make friends when you’re in another country.

The COEX aquarium is amazing!! If you ever get the chance definately go. It’s only 13 dollars for a ticket and it’s huge. They do kute things like put fishes on places you’d never imagine. Almost everything is in Korean tho so go with someone who can read Korean and explain it to you.

Me and my friend 승국 찌. I love it. I literally made friends with him my last night in Seoul.

승국 찌 is over a foot taller then me, but I found a way to trick the system. =)

Fish in a sink!

Seung Gok washing his hands in the sink of fish.

Fish in the microwave!

And fish in the fridge

And in the washing machine


They had this place where u put ur hands in and the fish swim around it and u can touch them.

LOL seriously, Korea has the scariest maniquins.

Seung Gok with some leech like fish in a spiderman tank. Haha

More fish in a fish bowl

The two of us. LOL it looks like we’re a couple right?!? But we’re not. Korea is a very couple-centric country.


Fish in the CP


The bats were really creepy when they ate

Cool ceiling fish tank

Can u find the fish?!

Invisible fish

Eating the piranha

Two headed turtle!!

Puffer fish, my favorite!!

Rock fish, reminds me of pirates 2

Kute little asian kid playing with a lizard tongue

And of course Seung Gok has to follow suit

Another one of my favorites!!!

I forgot what they’re called tho…

Haha check out the kute little asian kid

When I say couple-centric country I kid you not. They had this machine there u put ur hands on it and it measures how compitable you two are.

Mine and Seung Gok’s result

Touch a starfish section

Did you know penguines get married and divorced!?!



  1. wow, I really enjoy reading your blog 😀
    that aquarium looks soo coool! I wanna visit Korea too T__T

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