Posted by: serenaxoxo | August 19, 2008

Haha backtracking is harder then I thought, but I’m going to keep trucking at this. Slowly, but surely. On the very last night at the S-house our Yonsei buddy Crickson came over and cooked Korean BBQ for us! I was out eating dinner with an old friend, but I hear it was really good! I came back after all the eating was done and we headed out to Dondaemun around 9pm. The nice thing about Dongdaemun is that it is open ALLL HOURS OF THE NIGHT. It’s fantastic.

Shopping in Dondaemun is pretty intense.

Kara and Thomas in front of AM PM. Haha kute! Do they look at brother and sister?

Me, Anna, and Eric in front of Doota

Charlotte, Thomas, and Kara in front of doota.

After shopping till about midnightish we all headed back to 1702 to relax with soju and friends on our last night in the suite. It was fun and bittersweet all at the same time. Most of the crew retired at about 3 or 4amish and I stayed up with Whitney, Marci, Anthony, and Seung Gok till morning. I find that 4am till the morning hours are the best times to get to know someone’s deepest and darkest secrets.

And the partying starts

Kenny and Seung Gok

Anna and Thomas

Marci and Kennie

Haha Crickson retired first and this is what happens.


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