Posted by: serenaxoxo | August 21, 2008

Dinner dates with old friends

I’m lucky to have made some really good Korean friends who were studying back in New Orleans. While I was in Korea I made it a point to meet up with them. Seung Ho shii works near where I live, but korean work life is really busy and tiring. He was finally able to make some time to take me out for dinner tho. =)

My friend Seung Ho shii and I

The dinner we had, Japanese Korean fusion

After dinner he took me out to this kute cafe.

We ordered pak bing soo 팥빙수. Which is like this shaved ice with fruits and ice cream and bean pastes on top. Sooo good. They have all different kinds everywhere.

팥빙수 I got from burger king for 2 bucks.

팥빙수 Kyoon bae ordered at the Han River, my favorite by far!!

And finally, seung ho shii =)



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